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Modern solar inverters are more than just modules that convert solar direct current into alternating current in a highly efficient manner. Your system is secure and easily controllable using sophisticated protection technologies. The built-in display and the IOS / ANDROID / PC application help with this. User-friendly and expandable, some inverters can manage battery systems and provide you with enough energy for your devices even in the event of a power failure. Inverters are the heart of a solar system. NCA-Solar therefore only uses high-quality products approved in Thailand with a manufacturer's guarantee of 10 years!

SOFAR 10,5 KTLM G3.png


NCA-Solar only uses robust and high-quality panels from LONGI, one of the world's leading solar panel manufacturers. Thanks to the stable safety glass, the panels are extremely durable and robust in normal operation. With 570W per panel, your roof area is optimally utilized. All NCA modules are made of " Tier 1 " highly efficient Monocrystalline technology in order to obtain the best technical efficiency for your system in the long term. All LONGI coming with a manufacturer Guarantee of more than 10 Years.


Whether flat roof, gabled roof, pent roof, with or without tiles, each roof shape requires its own stable installation material. NCA-SOLAR works with highly efficient solutions for all conceivable applications to protect your valuable roof during and after installation. Thanks to sophisticated systems, tightness can be guaranteed without hesitation after installation. Your solar system will not damage your roof, it will protect it further.

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